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Tournevie offre job

Tournevie, the Brussels first tool library is hiring!

Tournevie is a tool library and community project in Brussels. Our service works exactly like a regular library: in exchange for an annual membership fee of € 40, members get unlimited access to a wide range of quality tools to repair or renovate at home. We have close to 500 active members, a well-equipped wood and metal workshop, and a healthy pool of about 20 volunteers.

We aim to expand the activities in our new and expanded location in Brussels (500 m² of space in 15 Rue Jacques de Lalaing), and branch out to other areas in Brussels. Thanks to funding from Innoviris, we are developing a new service: users of our wood and metal workshop will be able to order locally sourced materials (such as recuperated wood or wood harvested in Brussels by Sonian Wood Coop), cut to size in our workshop.

In order to manage this new project, and to alleviate the workload of the core volunteers currently managing our organisation in general, we are looking for an extra pair of hands to manage day to day activities of the tool library, support our volunteers, and help develop new and exciting projects.

See the description in the vacancy here: https://www.tournevie.be/blog/2021/8/22/vacancy-tournevie-is-hiring-a-coordinator

Deadline 23h59 on September 24, 2021